Northern lights snowmobile excursion

night time snowmobile tour

Our tour for ambitious photographers and individuals in search for the ultimate impression of the northern lights. To give you the time, the peace and the silence to enjoy the incredible clear night sky ! At 09.00 pm your guide will pick you up at your hotel by minivan. After 15min drive you will reach the snowmobile base. Proper winter gear (overall, boots, mittens, facemask, warm cap) will be handed out to all participants before your guide will give you the instructions in safe and responsible operation of a snowmobile. During this tour it will be two guests to share one machine.
Time for take off! Your experienced guide will drive ahead while max 4 machines / 8 participants will follow. This small group size allows us flexible acting and avoids stressy group dynamics during spontaneous stops as soon as aurora borealis will appear ! The trailer behind the guides' machine enables us to safely transport even extended camera equipment of advanced and professional photographers.
After 30 minutes the group will make a stop at the rustic shelter of Camp Kappirasjärvi. The guide will prepare coffee and tea on the open fire while you can take a walk on the nearby frozen lake to watch out for aurora.
App. 11.00 pm you will take off again to drive down to the valley of the Torne river. On the ice of this frozen stream you will continue your unforgettable journey downstreams towards the famous Icehotel. During this time of the night the Icehotel will be closed for visitors - still you should take a SILENT look around this illuminated construction of ice and snow. With some luck you might have the chance to take some incredible photos of the Icehotel by night under the green shades of aurora borealis.
You will continue your journey to Sautus lake - probably one of Kirunas best spots to watch northern lights /aurora borealis - no trees in front of your camera, no light pollution and an perfect view on to the great night sky above Lapland.
A tent with open fireplace will give shelter during the next stop on the shore of lake Sautus. Coffee, tea and sandwiches are available while you watch out for northern lights. At app. 01.30 am you will take off again and reach the snowmobile base latest at 02.30 am. After transfer by van your guide will drop you at the hotel latest at 03.00 am.
There will be enough time to stop, watch and photograph aurora borealis when ever it will appear during this tour!

Min 2, max 8 participants.


Included: Transfers from/to Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi, warm clothes, coffee, tea, sandwich

To drive a snowmobile in Sweden you need to show a valid driver's license and you need to be 100% sober. In case you damage the snowmobile you'll have to pay an excess fee of up to 6.000 SEK - but you won't if you simply listen to your guide!

With booking or inquiry regarding aurora snowmobile excursion please mention the EXCURSION-ID: KAT-AST-15

Guiding available in English, Swedish

All ODD dates from December, 1st to April, 5th

Minimum age: 16

These sites are NOT updated for the actual northern lights season !


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