BBQ under the northern lights

BBQ under the northern lights

For visitors to Kiruna with limited budget we offer this northern light tour that covers the basics: Transfers, warm clothes, food and the chance for northern lights!

We pick you up at your hotel in town at 8.00 PM by car. During a short stop at our basecamp you will be equipped with warm winter gear (overall, mittens, winterboots and an ugly but warm hat). We continue by car and later take a 15 min walk to our simple shelter located outside Jukkasjärvi. A spot without light pollution that is perfect to spend the hours with biggest chance to see the northern lights.
After starting an open fire you are welcome to access the bag of genuine Swedish sausage ("Falukorv" - check it out on Wikipedia here) and bread to use the grill. Coffee, tea and water are available.
If you are rather into T-bone steaks or filet mignon and a cold, cold beer you're welcome to bring your own stuff. Vegetarians are welcome as well. Unfortunately there is no discount possible for participants that do not want to eat what is included anyhow!
We'll sit around the fire and wait and watch the sky and eat and drink. The guide is going to give you infotainment regarding the life up here and at 2.00 AM you will hopefully have seen the northern lights because we'll have to leave. Transfer by car back to your accommodation in town.

If you are booking for 2 people: SEK 1750 per person
If you are booking for 3-4 people: SEK 1550 per person
If you are booking for 5-8 people: SEK 1350 per person

Monday and Thursday from September, 15th to April, 15th.

Minimum age: 14

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