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Kiruna - good to know

No reason to repeat all the facts & news that you can find on Wikipedia or on other media anyhow! But a few basics you should know...

- It happens frequently that ATM's and credit card readers in Kiruna are out of order! Make sure in time to always have enough cash in your pockets! Cash means SEK not YEN, £ or EUR

- Kiruna is closed down during night time! There is only one single store that is open 24/7: The gas station "STATOIL NORRA" can rescue you in case you need cigarettes, chocolate or a cold beer during a cold night!

- You might want to visit the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. In Jukkasjärvi there is only one single general store - see the opening times HERE

- See prices for transfers by taxicab H E R E

What to wear

This is no fashion show up here - first and foremost you have to stay WARM! Even if most tour operators provide proper winter gear you'll have to pack at home. Take the best warming items that you can find and still you're going to freeze! Pack long johns, shirts, socks in heaviest quality.Pack Pack thick sweaters instead of nice button-down shirts. Solid trousers instead of a mini skirt. Trekking boots instead of high heels. Gloves, scarf, warm cap that protects your ears.

PS: Your own choice...but: Piercings in face & ears can become T E R R I B L E cold and can cause extreme pain if it turns down to 40 C below and you are sitting in the airstream on a dog sled or on a snowmobile!


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